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Papa Ork is a well known spell caster and spiritual healer internationally and he is currently assisting people in over 43 countries globally. With the experience he has of over 20 years,he is able to help people with most of the human challenges hindering their lives. Among the very many spells in this universe Papa Ork can cast over 95% of these spells.  Some of these spell include: ancient African love spell, candle spell, divorce spell, love spell, marriage spell, money spell, quick reconciliation spell, spell caster spiritual healer, voodoo spell, voodoo voodoo love spell, marriage spell, love life, love problems, return lost love, get back your lost,  lost love spells, protection spell, court justice spells etc

Casting spell tips:

The moon’s phase has a lot to do with this spell’s intensity and overall effect, and should be (as with all magic) used with extreme caution. Aim for too little effect, and add on from there. No matter how much you think you like the person, they might wear on you if they’re totally dependent on you for their own happiness.

The ethics of spells have been widely debated. Again, as with any spell, the end user is responsible for the responsible, safe application of the magic. Any experienced caster knows overdoing it on any sort of magic like this can have highly unpleasant effects that take a long time to go away, if they indeed ever do.

Where to cast: Indoors or outdoors is fine, so long as you have a direct, unbroken view of the moon. It’s recommended to cast this privately, as to not let others know of your plans. Sometimes letting the target know they’ve been hit with a spell causes the exact opposite effect to happen!

Break Up Magic Spell

Often in relationships someone else can get in the way of your happiness. It might be that the person you long for is already seeing someone else, it could be that someone interferes in your relationship, or even has an affair with or attempts to take your partner away. In any of these instances a break up spell can help you. Designed to remove the person who is standing in the way of you and the person you desire to be with, they are approved and will ensure you get what you want. If your relationship is in trouble, partner has left you or is seeing someone else, or if the person you love is already in a relationship with someone else, or doesn’t seem to have feelings for you or even know you exist, black magic break up spells will improve the situation to better state.

Why Spells Aren't Free
Many of you have asked me why I charge for Casting Spells. I get several e-mails every day that all boils down to "if you were a real  Caster, you wouldn't charge for Casting Spells". I respectfully disagree - Spiritualist's have to eat, and live somewhere, the same as you.

Disclaimer: My services are only available to those who are over 17 years of age and do not contact me if you are not sure of doing a spell.

Individual results may vary. That's because casting a spell is more art than science, and even the most gifted psychic will not be successful every time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. This is why I offer one year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, I'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked.
NOTE: If you come to my temple here and contact me for help, just be patient and wait for my response. Do not hurry away to another spell caster. because there are lots of fake spell casters online here claiming to be real. so do not fall victim. And i must tell you this that you were so very lucky to have met and contacted me. so if i do not reply you immediately, then know that i am in my temple, carrying out some spell work or sacrifices. So just relax your mind and wait for my response. No hurry in life. because "THE PATIENT DOG EAT THE FATTEST BONE.


We are so confident in our services that we provide a 1 year 100% money back guarantee. When we say 100% money back guarantee we truly mean it. Here are the terms.

1. You must give the spell time to work this time frame is 30 days from the date of purchase.

2. Request made before 30 days will be ignored. You must allow for time for a full energy exchange. Sometimes our spells take time.

3. Refund request must be made via email 30 up to 1 year after your initial purchase period sent to uni[email protected]. The email should include:

* The mtcn control number number or reference number you used for the purchase(scanned copy)
* Name and Address & phone number
*What form of refund - western union or money gram

* The reason you are requesting your refund to better understand
* The Date of your purchase
* The Spell you purchased
* Any suggestions on how we could improve our services

You will receive a confirmation response back from us the same day or next. Refunds will be promptly be processed and delivered within a 10 day period guaranteed.


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